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Vanilla Beane Day

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
Washington, DC
Muriel Bowser, Mayor

WHEREAS, Vanilla Powell was born on September 13, 1919 in North Carolina where she was raised with six siblings; and

WHEREAS, Vanilla Powell moved to Washington, DC in 1942 and married Mr. Willie Beane, and together they raised three children; and

WHEREAS, Vanilla Beane has had a lifelong love of hats and the very fine art of millinery. It was during her tenure working part time for Washington Millinery Supply that she began designing hats here in Washington, DC in the 1950s; and

WHEREAS, Vanilla Beane, upon her retirement from the Federal government in 1979, fulfilled a dream of opening her own store, Bené Millinery; and

WHEREAS, Vanilla Beane has designed millinery creations for the likes of Dorothy Height, Maya Angelou, and the well-dressed from all around Washington, DC and the country. In fact, I am proud to be a longtime customer of Bené Millinery as well; and

WHEREAS, Vanilla Beane's beautiful creations have been curated by the Smithsonian Institution and in particular, exhibited at the National Museum of African American History and Culture; and

WHEREAS, Vanilla Bean continues honing her tremendous and legendary craft six days each week as Bené Millinery marks four decades in business on Third Street in Ward 4; and

WHEREAS, Phenomenal growth comes with real dedication. When most are content to retire after long careers, Vanilla Beane saw a great opportunity to satisfy her dreams and fulfill her artistic sensibilities, and after 40 years in business, also celebrates her 100th birthday:

NOW. THEREFORE, I, THE MAYOR OF WASHINGTON, DC, do hereby declare September 13, 2019 as VANILLA BEANE DAY and encourage all Washingtonians to help celebrate this momentous milestone!

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